About Project

Jamira Bianky is one of the superior districts of AJAMI district especially ALFARDOOS Beach with its pure sand pure sea and its wonderful turquoise colors . Gamira Bianchi provides all services as commercial malls, cafeterias and restaurants, All beach entrances are fully secured to provide you with privacy and tranquility, Jameera Bianchi project is located in 8 street corner of 11 Street, distinguished a unique architectural design facing the sea , economic spaces are available , marble entrances, elevators ,central plate and central Internet, in addition to security and guard throughout the year. The project site: Street 8 Ali 11, Bianchi -ALFARDOOS -Al Ajmi –Alexandria

Project location

Street 8 Ali 11, Bianky -ALFARDOOS -Al Ajmi –Alexandria

Project area

project extends over area of 1000 m2.

Project services

- Games for children - Mosque - - central dish - security and guard over 24 hours

Unit areas: 75-90-95-105-110-115


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